Key questions are the questions that uniquely identify each user that takes one of your assessments. You can have up to 3 question per assessment. The term "key questions" and "key fields" are used interchangeably

Key questions are text input fields, common key fields are email address, student number, employee number or name.

They are useful when in various ways in Brainsbuilder for example when sorting and analysing results, re-taking assessments, they can be included in emails, and a name key question is needed to send a certificate.

When you create an assessment the Email address and Name key questions are added automatically if you choose these fields as login fields. Other key fields can be added manually.

To add the a key question manually the following steps should be followed:

  1. First ensure that a login section exist if a login section does not exist one should be added. To add a login section after an assessment has been created go to the Edit Assessment menu in the left hand column and choose Add Login Section. If this option is not present this means your assessment already has a login section.
  2. Add a custom question to this field. This question should have Answer Comment checked. and this field should be validated by either must enter a comment or must be an email address or must be a whole number.
  3. Go to the Assessment Settings screen and scroll down to the Key Questions part and the question should be in the drop down list for the key questions. You can select your question as any of your key questions.

You can choose or change your key questions on the Assessment Settings screen at any time.