Brainsbuilder Improvments

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We have been busily making improvements to Brainsbuilder over the past few months.
Many minor bugs have been fixed and there have been many enhancements to existing functionality.

We have also improved the publishing for private emails invites. We have allowed pause and resume and multiple retakes and the ability to block a person retaking an assessment if they have already passed. These features have previously only been for private email assessments.

When creating questions we have allowed users to include a URL link to enable question to include an external resource such as a YouTube video.

Certificate creation has also been made easier. Images that are too wide are now automatically resized.

One of the most important enhancements has been to email deliverability. Some users were not receiving emails due to email policies or spam filters. Brainsbuilder deliverability score has been increased. Therefore all emails should now be delivered.

We are continuing to listen to your suggestions and further improvements are planned.