Flexible Question Types

Brainsbuilder assessments can be used to construct graded exams, questionnaires, surveys and more.

Brainsbuilder assessments have a question type which is and flexible, yet simple. This is used to construct many types of question, including multiple choice, true/false, choose one, choose all that apply, agree/disagree, excellent/poor, etc.

Additionally you can have free text (open ended) questions, either by itself as part of a question. Optionally this free text can be validated as an email address, text only or numbers only.

Choose How Assessments are Accessed

Respondents can come to the Brainsbuilder web site to take your assessment. When coming to the Brainsbuilder web site they use an assessment ID to access the assessment. You can optionally also have an general password for all respondents or assign a private unique login for each respondent.

You can provide a unique link for your assessment, so your assessment can be included as part of your web site or social media or distributed in an email.

Alternatively you can send out private emails with a unique link for each respondent.

You can use our programming interface to automatically add private emails or private passwords to help automate your workflow.

Use our JavaScript API to seamlessly integrate your assessments into your web page or web application with just a few lines of code.

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Customizable Templates

Your assessment look and feel can be customized to match the look and feel of your web site or corporate identity.

You can easily customize your assessments with a logo and change the text on buttons or labels. Additionally you can easily change the background colour, fonts to quickly change the look and feel of your assessments.

If you have knowledge of HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) you can customize your assessments even more.

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Flexible Assessment Login

As well as details such as first name, last name, and email you can capture unlimited additional login fields to capture personal information such as gender, region, position etc. Assessments may also be setup as anonymous to hide the respondent identity.

Pause, Resume & Retake Assessments

Enable pause and resume of your private assessments. Allow your respondents to retake your assessment and set the amount of times it can be retaken.

Your respondents can move backwards or forwards through the assessment or you can force them to move forward only. You can also force them to answer each question when moving forward only through the assessment.

Multi-Level Randomization & Question Pooling

Questions and question options can be presented in a random or sequential order.

Respondents can answer limited amount of random questions from a pool of a larger amount of questions for a section.

Question Branching Logic

Add branch/skip logic so that different questions are seen by users depending on many conditions.

Timed Assessments

Specify that a respondent has a given number of minutes to complete an assessment. When the time expires, the respondent will be automatically scored and completed.

Timing can also be set per section. Respondents will be given a limited time to complete each section, when the time is complete respondents will be prompted to move to the next section.

Timing can also be set per question, this allows a number of seconds to complete a question. When the time has run out the respondent will automatically be prompted to move on to the next question.

Flexible Scoring & Feedback

The pass grade can be either over the whole assessment or individual sections can have a pass grade.

There is the ability to have the assessment feedback shown dependent on passing the assessment or dependent on score ranges.

Decide where to show the assessment feedback either after each question or at the end of the assessment or in an email.

Email Notifications & Sub-Accounts

Create sub-accounts that can view the assessment results and/or receive notifications when an assessment is taken.

Send email notifications each time an assessment is completed by a respondent to either a single administrator or any of the sub-accounts.

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Detailed Result Reporting

Brainsbuilder provides multiple ways to review the assessment results. There are graphical views for easy data analysis. You can gather important statistics to assist you in determining how well your respondents did overall on any assessment.

Respondents can be grouped together in various ways and these groups can be compared. Filter out groups of respondents from your results to enable you to view exactly the data you want to see.

Send Certificates

You can create and customize certificates. Respondents can be sent certificates on completion of the assessment or ig a grate is achieved. This certificate is attached to an email and is in PDF format.

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Microsoft Excel® Summary Export

Download results by exporting the results for each assessment as a CSV file. This format is easy to import into Microsoft Excel and other popular spreadsheets.

Multi-Language & Rich Media Support

Support for international character sets. Brainsbuilder provides full UTF-8 support.

Customise your assessments by including GIF, JPEG or PNG images or add a link to an external resource.

Also print your assessments or assessment results to paper.

Email Support

Request technical support via email or the standard Brainsbuilder support form. We aim to respond within 24 hours of receiving your e-mail.